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Helping your Elderly Parent recover from the Flu!

Elder Care near Milton GA

If you’re caregiving for an elderly parent, it might be a frightening time for them to go through having the flu and recovering from it.  As your mother or father gets older, their immune system will continuously weaken and they’ll be more susceptible to common colds and flus.  Because of this, it’s very important for your elderly loved one to get the flu vaccine whenever it’s available.  Make sure to talk to your parent’s doctor before deciding on which flu shot to get.  If your parent already has symptoms that might be the flu, also consult their doctor first, and immediately. There should be some medications to alleviate symptoms that your parent can get if they already have the flu.

Tips for Surviving Flu Season

Now, if they’re in the recovery stage, you need to start anew protecting your parent’s body from getting it again.  At age 65 and older, seniors are more likely to getting the flu and it can be fairly serious, even deadly in some cases.  As long as you’re prepared and doing the necessary precautions and treatments, you shouldn’t have to worry.

  • Always make sure that your parent has good general health habits such as covering their coughs, avoiding others who are sick, and washing hands frequently
  • Boost their immune system before a flu season by planning for them nutritious meals with enough vegetables and fruits for a healthy diet
  • Exercise always helps with anything health or body related so it goes without saying that a little movement and walking will strengthen your parent’s body against the flu, too
  • Make it a priority to get regular flu vaccines because catching the flu can do more damage in older people’s bodies
  • If you need help taking care of your parent during the flu or recovery from the flu, consider hiring home care for the elderly

If your parent shows some symptoms that might be the flu, it’s never a bad thing to be too careful and bring them into their doctor’s office just in case.  The flu has a variety of complications that occur in one’s body, and your parent might just get some of them.  Also remember to take into consideration any other medicines your parent is already taking, and if they might be having side effects your parent can’t handle at the same time with the flu.  When in doubt, always ask your mother or father’s doctor.  Your parent is lucky to have such a concerned adult child caring for them.  Even with the vaccine, there’s always a chance your parent will still get sick, but you know that you’re doing your best to care for them. Seniors who get sick need your love most of all.