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Here A Few Tips to Consider If You, and Your Senior Parent Plan to Travel Over the Winter

Winter Traveling Tips for Senior Care Providers near Suwanee, GA

Traveling during the winter offers a few different challenges than will be found in the spring, summer, or most of autumn. That’s because the weather can become treacherous and can cause significant delays, not just at the airport but also on the highways.

For senior care providers who are planning on traveling with the elderly patient, below are a few tips to keep in mind that will make the trip more comfortable, safer, and easier for both the caregiver as well as the patient.

  1. Pack appropriately.

Even though you may be leaving a cold climate and heading somewhere warm, that doesn’t mean you should avoid packing a sweater, coat, gloves, hat, and other necessary items. Even though you may be going to the airport, there could be any number of things that happen along the way.

Make sure that you pack appropriately for the weather where you live now as well as at the destination, especially if it is quite a distance from home.

It’s also a good idea to think about what you may need as a senior care provider to stay warm and then add an extra layer on top of that for the elderly individual.

  1. If driving, plan enough stops to stretch and use facilities.

Any time you plan on driving a long distance with an elderly individual who requires senior care, he or she may need to stop and use the restroom more frequently than you expect. Plan on more stops for stretching and using facilities.

As you plan more stops on this drive, it will lengthen the amount of time you spend on the road. Pay attention to the weather forecasts along the route, not just at the time you leave but also for the time you expect to arrive at your destination.

  1. Plan for potential delays.

If you are going to be traveling by plane, you need to plan for potential delays, especially during the winter. Find out what hotels and other lodging options there are at or close to the airport. You don’t have to make reservations, but it will save you time trying to find accommodations in the event that a flight is canceled or significantly delayed.

You also want to focus on handicap accessibility at the airport if the senior requires this kind of accommodation.

When you follow these tips, traveling as a part of senior care during winter will be much easier and safer for both the caregiver and the patient.