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Home Care Services Can Help a Person with Multiple Sclerosis!

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Home Care Services Sandy Springs GA 

Close to a half a million people in the United States are living with Multiple Sclerosis. There are different stages of MS and as the disease progresses; home care services can play an important role in helping a senior function.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic autoimmune disease that attacks the central nervous system.  The myelin sheath, which protects the cells in the brain and spinal cord, are damaged and therefore, communication between the body and brain is blocked.

MS will affect each person differently and they could experience a variety of symptoms that include:

  • Loss of muscle tone and strength
  • Slurred speech
  • Double vision or loss of vision
  • Eye pain or uncontrollable eye movements
  • Hearing loss
  • Loss of motor control
  • Mild or partial paralysis
  • Spasticity
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty walking
  • Memory problems
  • Kidney and liver problems
  • Depression

Most people with MS have a normal life expectancy, but there are some cases that are severe and may lessen a person’s life span.  In-home health care services may include trained professionals who can:

  • Help with daily activities such as bathing and getting dressed.
  • Prepare healthy meals. Research has shown that a vitamin D deficiency can increase the risk of MS.
  • Provide medication reminders if needed.
  • Assist with household chores such as housekeeping and laundry.
  • Help to increase mobility through physical therapy.
  • Promote and encourage independence with daily activities through occupational therapy.
  • Provide speech and language assistance.
  • Attend to problems that occur due to lack of bladder control.
  • Help with lifestyle changes. Smoking can worsen the symptoms associated with MS.
  • Help with transportation to appointments and support groups.
  • Assist in transferring a person from bed to wheelchair, or chair.
  • Encourage exercise and social activities. Exercise, both aerobic and strength building can improve stiffness, flexibility, and mobility.

There are advantages to having an in-home care provider over facility care.  Facilities, while they do their best to model the personal care of a home health aide professional, they are often busy and active places where the staff is dealing with multiple people.  In-home care offers one-on-one attention providing a higher level of quality care.

Another advantage of having a home care services assist a person in their home involves the therapy treatments.  While some people go to a rehabilitation facility for physical or occupational therapy, doing it in the home is where the person is going to need to learn how to navigate and make changes.

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