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March is National Kidney Month

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Elder Care Suwanee GA

The month of March is the time for everyone to become more aware of the functions our kidneys do for our bodies and what we can do to keep them functioning at their best levels for as long as possible.  The National Kidney Foundation suggests that all Americans give their kidneys a checkup and a little TLC.  Kidneys do a lot of work to keep a body running and healthy.

Function of kidneys:

  • They filter approximately 200 liters of blood each day, filtering out the waste products.
  • They assist in regulating the levels of sodium, potassium and acid in the body.
  • Balance the fluids in the body.
  • They release hormones that are used in regulating blood pressure.
  • They control the production of the body’s red blood cells.
  • Their filtering action removes drugs from the body.
  • They produce vitamin D in an active form that contributes to strong and healthy bones.

Kidney facts:

  • They are two organs in your lower back.
  • They are approximately fist sized.
  • They are integral in maintaining overall health by performing their functions.

Kidney disease:

  • Most people, who have kidney disease, don’t know they have it.
  • Over 26 million people in America have kidney disease.
  • It is 9th on the list of leading causes of death in this country.
  • The number of people currently waiting for a kidney transplant is over 95,000.

Elderly home care providers encourage healthy eating and regular exercise, part of a healthy kidney plan.  There are also free screenings all over the country.  Those who have high blood pressure, or a known history of kidney failure in their family should visit a screening location.

Is your elderly loved one at risk for kidney disease?  The National Kidney Foundation offers an online kidney quiz they can take.  It’s important to know what their risk factors are. Early detection makes a huge difference in preventing or treating kidney disease.

If a person already has kidney disease, they must strictly follow the diet set forth by their renal dietician.  For people looking to keep their kidneys in a healthy state and avoid disease, the following list of foods will prove helpful.

Foods for healthy kidneys:

  • Drink more water; stay hydrated.
  • Control your weight by not over-eating.
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Fresh is the best, and then frozen is second.  Sometimes canned ones contain too much added sugar or salt.
  • Eat grapes, blueberries and cranberries.
  • Eat celery, beets, asparagus, fennel, onions and spinach.
  • Foods rich in iron such as leafy green vegetables and eggs.

If you could only choose two things to start to improve in, they should be drinking more water and keeping your weight in healthy levels.

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