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Know when to Call on Home Care Services near Duluth, GA

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Home Care Services Duluth, GA

Understanding when to call home care services for an elderly loved one is arguably one of the toughest things to figure out. You want to make sure that your loved one is safe within his or her home, but you don’t want to overstep your boundaries by contacting in home health care services when they aren’t ready for them.

Yet you may also know that your loved one isn’t going to be the one to ask for help. Maybe they are too stubborn to realize that they are putting themselves at risk by not having an in home care provider there with them during the day. Maybe they don’t want to worry about paying for it. Maybe they just don’t think they need it just yet.

However, you do. You’ve noticed it for some time. The difficulty that she has getting up and down the stairs. The forgetfulness. The near misses that could have been major falls if it weren’t for the fact that you just happen to be there at the time she lost her balance.

What are some signs that it could be time to call on home care services?

  1. Significant weight loss. If a person is suddenly looking very thin, as though they haven’t eaten well for some time, then they may be forgetting to eat or are struggling to prepare food.
  2. Looking unkempt, poor hygiene. Another sign that a person could require the assistance of in home health care services is that they don’t appear to have bathed properly in a while, or they’re wearing dirty clothing.
  3. They have fallen at least once. Falls at home are the number one cause of accidental death among seniors at home. If you know that your loved one has fallen once, then you need to seriously consider having someone there to help them, especially with the things that increase the risk of falling.
  4. Their doctor has recommended it. Doctors may be overcautious, but he or she will have noticed something that causes them concern. Pay attention to their advice.
  5. You talked to your loved one about these issues. Never hire home care services for a loved one in their home without talking to them first, and getting their permission. While they may not agree with you, it’s their home and their decision.

Find out everything you can about this level of care before you discuss it with your elderly loved one, then you’ll be prepared to answer the questions that he or she may have, which can make the decision to hire an in home care provider that much easier.

If you or an aging loved one are looking for senior care in the home, contact the caring staff at Home Helpers of Alpharetta. Call today (678) 430-8511