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Why Won’t Anyone Listen to Me? Ways to Communicate With Your Aging Loved One

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Home Care Services Buford, GA

Many times a misunderstanding or miscommunication can have lasting repercussions on the relationship between home care services and the client and/or family members. Do you need to improve your skills when communicating with home care services?

For the most part, family members and home health care services have the same goal in mind when providing care to a senior. They both want to ensure that the safety, comfort, and dignity of the elder remain uncompromised.

There are a number of ways to improve communication with home care services whether things started out on the wrong foot or not.

  • Take time to get to know your caregiver and be specific about the responsibilities that you expect them to take care of. Don’t assume that they know what you expect in terms of caring for your loved one. Write out their duties and then discuss them.
  • It is essential to use respectful communication even when you are stressed or upset. Be careful not to take your frustration out on the care provider. If they make a mistake or forget to do something, address your concerns in a manner that is not offensive. It could just be a matter that needs some clarification.
  • Make every effort to listen actively. Pay close attention to what is being said instead of listening with a distracted mind where your thoughts are on other things while someone is speaking to you.
  • Avoid arguing, name calling, finding fault, or giving unwarranted advice. Phrase your concerns in a non-threatening manner such as “I understand what you are saying . . .” or “What if we tried a different approach . . .”
  • Let your in-home care provider know that you appreciate what they do. A thank you note, making their favorite food dish, or baking a special treat will go a long way to let them know that their efforts are recognized.
  • Help the caregiver become familiar with your loved one’s likes and dislikes. Most caregivers cherish the relationships they establish in their line of work. Providing a family history, photographs, awards, or telling stories will help the caregiver to know who your loved one is as a person.

When communication is done properly between you and home care services, things will run much smoother in the household. The quality of care for your loved one will also be of a higher level.

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