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Have You Ever Heard of A Senior Play Day?

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Senior Care in Johns Creek, GA- Plan A ‘Play Day’

When was the last time you had a “play day?” It doesn’t matter how old you are, play days are still important. For the person who relies on senior care, these play days are just as important as they were when they were young children.

What is a play day?

A play day is any time that you set aside for yourself to have fun. Throughout much of our adult life, we are working in order to pay bills and build a better life for ourselves and our family. As a result, there is far less time to spend just relaxing and doing anything we wish.

When we were children, play days were those days when we got together with friends to play variety of games. This could be imaginary games or board games or any other type of games. Play days were an opportunity for us, as children, to begin to learn more about rules and social structure.

As adults, play days can provide a great relief from the pressures of regular, daily life. For those individuals relying on senior health care services, play days can help the patient overcome a variety of emotional or mental challenges that they are facing as a different direct result of their aging.

September 7 through the 11th are Play Days and it’s a good reminder that no matter how old you are, it can be fun to set the specific days aside.

What type of activities can you do on “play days?”

Just about anything that the senior can physically do and enjoy is something that they can consider doing on their play days. The more people that they have involved in the activity, the more fun it could be.

If the senior enjoys playing bingo at their local senior center, and they do so on a regular basis, then why not encourage them to try playing at a different venue or having a get together with friends. They can play for prizes or just for bragging, but either way they’re going to have fun.

If the senior used to enjoy playing sports, you might want to consider talking to them about bringing in a video game console. You can teach them the basics and help them relive some of the fun they had in their younger years, but a much safer environment now.

Play days can be anything that the senior wants them to be. Just because they are getting older, and maybe can’t do the things they used to, doesn’t mean they have to give up having fun. In fact, they should be having more fun being retired from their full-time jobs.

Plan your play day with your senior loved one today, and it will make a world of difference on their mood, and let’s face it I am sure you will enjoy it as much as they do.  We all like to play like we did when we were younger, and act silly, and when your loved is relying on senior care doesn’t mean that they have to STOP!

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