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Learn How to Take Care of Yourself When Providing Senior Care for A Loved One

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Home Care Services in Roswell, GA

Jeremy’s wife Linda was the type of woman who was always looking out for other people. No matter who required assistance, of almost any kind, she was there to provide support. When Jeremy’s mother slipped on the steps going into the basement of her home and broke her hip, she required a lengthy stay at a nursing home before being discharged. Once she was, she needed support at home.

They thought and talked about hiring home care services, but Linda stepped forward, like she always did. At first, Jeremy didn’t think anything about it; he had seen his wife take care of children, friends during illnesses, and even her own parents through the years. However, what he didn’t realize (nor did Linda at the time) was that caring for his mother was going to be much different than any of those other situations.

Jeremy’s mother was going to require a significant amount of care. She couldn’t stand or walk on her own. She was going to need help getting out of bed, into a wheelchair, into the shower, going to the bathroom, and much more. She was also going to need help with her physical recovery.

This ended up taking a toll on Linda and it started to show on her physically as well as emotionally. Jeremy decided that he needed to step up and do something to make sure that his wife’s health didn’t continue to deteriorate.

He talked to his mother and she agreed to hire in home care service providers. Linda was still going to help out, but both Jeremy and his mother made sure that she did what was necessary in order to take care of herself, too. They admonished her to do the following:

  1. Get exercise. Linda was always into exercise, but she stopped going to the gym when she didn’t have time any longer while caring for Jeremy’s mother. She needed to get enough exercise every day.
  2. Eat better. On the go constantly led to her eating in a rush, or even fast food, way too often. She needed to eat a healthy meal.
  3. Spend time with friends. Linda had a lot of friends, but she didn’t see many of them any longer. She needed to get out and see her friends at least once a week for her own emotional health and well-being.
  4. Relax. Because she was constantly worried about Jeremy’s mother, she didn’t get much opportunity to relax. That needed to change as well.
  5. Know your limits. Jeremy and his mother made sure that Linda acknowledged that she wasn’t, in fact, a superhero, that she had limits. She needed to acknowledge them in order to keep herself safe and healthy.

And she had to accept that home care services could help.

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