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Are You a Caregiver for your Senior Parent? Find Out if all of their Needs are Being Met

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Senior Care in Johns Creek, GA – Specific Needs of Your Elderly Loved Ones

There’s more to senior care then you might realize, if you’re new to caregiving. When your parent gets older, they’ll have emotional, medical, financial and housing needs that adult children should be helping with. Here we’re going to talk about how some of those needs and how you can use that knowledge to help your elderly mother or father. If you need extra help with any of these things, be sure to call senior home services. They can provide a caregiver to you for professional help and advice regarding your senior’s health and happiness. It’s important to get help so that you aren’t doing everything at risk of burnout.

Emotional Needs

The emotional needs of a senior person usually require companionship. An elderly person can get very lonely, especially if they have lost their spouse. It’s a good idea to have company over for them to enjoy, because a senior parent appreciates when family takes the time and has interest in their life.

Financial Needs

These kind of needs can be met in many different ways. Some seniors will have other income besides state retirement pension. This can be a job pension, private pensions, or even savings. There are also times when the senior needs to rely on their children for support.

Medical Needs

Since elderly people go to their physician much more than other age groups, and often require more medications, they have more health needs in general. A large number of beds at hospitals are also used for elderly patients, often for acute conditions such as eye cataracts, or for chronic conditions like osteoporosis. It’s often left to the caregiver or a family member to drive an elderly person to appointments, help organize medications, keep physical activity a part of their schedule, and more.

Housing Needs

This will depend on the condition of your senior parent. If they have lessened mobility, they may need ramps installed and wider hallways in their home to accommodate a walker or wheelchair. You have the option of adapting your parent’s existing home, moving them in with you, or moving them to a smaller flat designed for an elderly person. Having their own home will make them still feel independent, but the situation is different for every senior.

When you’re caring for an elderly parent, it’s hard to balance all of their needs. You still have to live your own life and take care of the newer generations of your family, your children. At the same time, providing love, physical and emotional care for a senior loved one is very selfless and honorable of you. Just make sure to take some time for yourself and work with professional caregivers when you need to do so.

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