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Have You Considered The Negative Impact It Can Cause If the Caregiver Doesn’t Take Care of His, Or Her Own Care? Find Out.

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

What Happens When the Caregiver near Cumming, GA Neglects Her Own Care?

Out of the millions of people across the United States who are providing some type of home care, the vast majority of them are women. In fact, 80% of the caregivers in this country are female. The majority of those are 9family members caring for an elderly parent, grandparent, or other loved ones.Caregiver Cumming GA

This often leads to those female caregivers not taking care of themselves properly. So what happens when the caregiver (male or female) begins to neglect his or her own care?

There are certain things that may occur, and some things that are much more likely. Both of them can lead to negative consequences not just for the caregiver, but also for the patient (the elderly person who requires care).

First, the caregiver may begin to experience increased stress and anxiety. This can cause a number of potential health issues, starting with difficulty sleeping, constant worry, a lack of focus, and hypertension or high blood pressure.

If a person is prone to certain health risks, then stress and anxiety can exacerbate those risks even more. This has the potential to lead to some serious health problems.

Second, the caregiver who begins to neglect their own well-being may suddenly find themselves becoming short tempered with the people around them. Even the most calm and rational individuals could begin to snap and yell at people, get frustrated while shopping and waiting at the checkout, or in other situations. This can cause some serious issues in their life.

Third, the caregiver who neglects their relationships, such as spending time with friends, a spouse, or even their own children could feel frustrated, resentful, and lonely. This can lead to depression and that can begin the cycle all over again with regard to a decreasing quality of health.

It is important to not only care for the elderly individual, but for the caregiver to take care of himself or herself. If they don’t, the quality of care they provide to that elderly individual, and maybe even the rest of their family, will likely begin to decline. That can also cause an increase in the level of stress that that caregiver feels.

For any caregiver who is having difficulty taking care of himself or herself, the best solution is to seek help in providing the home care that is necessary for the elderly individual. Hiring a professional in home care provider, even for two days a week, could be enough for the family member to focus on his or her own care.

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