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Did You Know You Can Still Provide Care for Your Senior Loved One Living Far Away? Find Out How.

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Home Care in Alpharetta, GA – Caregiving from a Distance

No one is 100% ready to take on the role of providing care for an elderly loved one. This role can be further amplified and increasingly stressful when a loved one lives far away. Many families may live far away from their parents and due the normal grind of life, it may be impossible to uproot their family and move to help an aging parent.Home Car Alpharetta GA

Other Methods of Care

Setting up an in-home caregiver, or ensuring your aging loved one can be safe on their own is a good idea. Being a long distance caregiver does not have to be troublesome or difficult. Transitioning may take some time, but there are some easy steps you can take to improve an aging loved one’s situation and care while you are away.

  • Get to know the caregivers – Whether your loved one is receiving in-home care or is moving to a nursing home, get to know the people who work there. This can be as simple as a Google search to learn more about the company, or you can visit with staff or the caregiver. This will help build relationships with the same people who are providing care for your loved one.
  • Meet the community – Building a network of close friends and neighbors of your loved one who can help if you are living far away. These people can be emergency contacts and can be a second pair of eyes to help watch over your parents.
  • Keep Communicating – With all the different ways to keep in touch, it’s easy to maintain contact with a loved one’s caregiving community. Through Facebook, Google Chat, even text messages and smartphones with video chat can be used to stay in touch.
  • Display visual reminders – Leave plenty of reminders of family and friends around your loved one’s home or nursing home room. Keep up-to-date pictures and simple reminders like letters or school work around to remind them of kids and grandkids.
  • Seek out help – Countless organizations offer outreach to seniors and senior communities including meal preparation, visiting, and special events. Many churches visit homes and nursing areas as well.

Help Meet Your Senior’s Needs

Even if you are not close enough to check up on a loved one, you can build a positive network that helps your aging loved one feel safe and secure. Hiring home care services is a good idea for every situation your senior might find himself or herself in. Whether they are living alone or have trouble walking, or have diabetes; any condition can benefit from getting help through a trained caregiver. Your senior deserves to be looked after and have their needs met.

If you or an aging loved one are looking for home care, contact the caring staff at Home Helpers of Alpharetta. Call today (678) 430-8511