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Bath Safety and Accessibility Can Improve Senior Care

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Sandy Springs, GA – Improving Senior Care

If you are looking for ways to improve senior care, try focusing on bathroom safety and accessibility.  Whenever an elderly person has difficulty taking a shower or doesn’t feel safe and comfortable walking into the bathroom, it can make life more stressful for him or her.

There are numerous things that can be done to improve overall bath safety and accessibility.

Replacing the sink

One way to improve accessibility is to replace the sink. If the current sink has a cabinet underneath, it can be problematic for a senior care client who relies on a wheelchair.  Installing a wall mounted sink will allow the wheelchair to comfortably slide underneath, making it possible for the client to tend to personal care.

Focusing on the bathtub or showerSenior Care Sandy Springs GA

Many accidents happen in the tub or shower.  Slip and fall injuries are common as a result of a slick shower floor or when the client has to step up and over the lip of the tub.  Installing a walk-in tub is a good idea.  But if that isn’t an option, make sure there are grab bars and non-slip mats in the shower/bathtub to try to prevent falls.

Using a shower seat

Installing a shower seat is an easy way to make showering safer. Also, a hand-held shower head may make showering easier for your client.

 Raising the toilet seat

A toilet that sits low to the ground can make it more dangerous for clients who have limited strength in their legs. Replacing that low seated toilet with a higher one would also improve safety in the bathroom.

January is Bath Safety Month and when you focus on bath safety and accessibility, you will improve senior care.

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