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Elderly Care: 7 Pathways to Creativity

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Suwanee, GA – Elderly Care: 7 Pathways to Creativity

There are many pathways to creativity. This article will cover 7 things that may catalyze new ideas for you. WithoutElderly Care Suwanee GA creativity and the formation of new ideas you may feel like your life is going nowhere – like every day is the same and you are “stuck.”

Whether it’s for a book you want to write, some problems you want to solve, some goals you want to attain or some changes you want to make in your life, the following 7 roadblocks could be stopping.

1.      Keep an open mind. Avoid stubbornness. When you won’t let anyone else’s ideas in, you have a hard time forming any of your own. You also need to be able to keep an open mind to the possibility that some of your ideas will be great, and some won’t be.

2.      It’s okay to be passionate about your interests. In fact it’s really great if you are. Some people become angry, and anger has no room for creativity. Anger kills communication as well.

3.      Read and read some more. You are opening up yourself to millions of new ideas when you read. It also exercises a part of your brain that can’t be exercised any other way.

4.      Be as curious as possible. About everything. Hear a new word? Look up the definition. Use it in a new sentence. Repeat it several times. Memorize it. Look up some more new words and do the same. When you hear something interesting on the news, look it up and read more about it. Read about science and past inventions.

5.      Slow down. Don’t move too fast. Give yourself time to see details. Think about them.

6.      Eagerly accept new ideas. “The care and feeding of new ideas is a lot of work. New ideas are scary. You have to take them out into the light of day, which is terrifying. You have to constantly decide if they are valid. You have to make them happen, and expose them to critical outside opinion. It’s easier to just rehash proven, old ideas.”

(Source: http://todaymade.com/blog/get-new-ideas/)

7.      Pay attention. New ideas may creep randomly into your mind, when you least expect them. Record them right away so you don’t forget. Even if you don’t know what to do with this idea right now, you may know exactly what to do with it later!

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