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When to Know It’s Time to Hire a Professional Caregiver

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Duluth, GA – When to Know It’s Time to Hire a Professional Caregiver

There are a number of signs that could indicate a loved one should have the caregiver working with him or her on a regular basis. As people age they will be facing a number of new physical and mental challenges.Caregiver Duluth GA

Forgetfulness is common among the aging.  For example, forgetting to take out the garbage, brush teeth, or, even worse, forgetting to take prescribed medication.  Neglecting housework and failing to perform routine maintenance on their home could also indicate that it’s time to talk to them about hiring professional help.

Below are a few signs that could help family members determine when it’s time to talk to their elderly loved one about hiring a caregiver.

  1. Pay attention to the odor in the house.

If you notice a strong, pungent stench, it could be spoiled food in the cabinets, in the refrigerator, or garbage that hasn’t been taken out in a while.  Or, he or she could have mistakenly placed perishable food in the cabinets and forgotten all about it.

  1. Take some time to look around the house.

If you notice laundry piling up, dust over every surface, or even plants that haven’t been watered in months, this could be a sign that the elderly individual is neglecting these important home care tasks.

  1. Listen to what they say.

If you mention these issues and the elderly individual becomes agitated or annoyed, it could be a direct result of them being aware that they’re not keeping up with things the way they’d want.

If you or an aging loved one are looking for a caregiver, contact the caring staff at Home Helpers of Alpharetta. Call today (678) 430-8511.