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‘New Age Therapy’ or Just Good Help: Meditation and Its Place with Home Care Services

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Home Care Services in Suwanee GA

There are many challenges people face as they get older. One of the most common is having difficulty falling asleep at night and staying asleep throughout the night. There could be a number of reasons for Home Care Services in Suwanee GAinsomnia or insomnia like symptoms, including certain prescription medications the senior is taking, caffeine (coffee consumption late in the afternoon and evening hours), stress and anxiety, and more.

There are numerous remedies that could be effective, including other types of prescription medications (that should only be prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner, avoiding caffeine consumption in the afternoon and evening hours, and even meditation techniques. Some people would consider meditation to be ‘New Age therapy’ and that can be a problem for some individuals. So what place does meditation or other similar strategies have within home care services?

It’s important to differentiate between a religious, spiritual, or simply relaxing techniques that can help a person clear their mind and feel more at ease when it’s time to go to sleep.  When people are stressed and concerned about their health, finances, safety, and more, it can make it extremely difficult to fall asleep. Even if the senior ends up falling asleep relatively simply, he or she could wake up numerous times throughout the night because of the stress and anxiety. They will wake up in the morning feeling as though they are not completely refreshed and may be fatigued throughout the day.

Meditation is commonly rooted in some spiritual practices, but today’s meditative techniques are completely independent of any religious or spiritual connection (or they can be). Meditation is basically about clearing the mind of excessive thoughts, allowing the brain to calm down and feel free of the burden of concerns and worries.

It is a great technique for helping people alleviate an incredible amount of stress in their life. When it comes to any type of in-home care service, though, it’s important to understand where to draw the line with various meditative techniques and helping the senior get a more comfortable and relaxed night’s sleep.

Home care service’s place in the professional relationship.

Make no mistake, hiring a professional in-home care provider is a working relationship. This individual needs to respect the integrity and independence of the elderly clients above all other things. If the senior does not wish to participate in or explore the prospect of meditation as a way to help him or her cope with difficulty sleeping at night or the stress and anxiety felt during the day, it should not and cannot be forced upon him or her.

May is National Meditation Month and somebody who becomes more experienced with meditative techniques may be able to get a more comfortable night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and recharged in the morning.

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