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Home Care for the Elderly May be Able to Help with that Garden, Too

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Home Care in Roswell GA

There are many things that elder care can do for a senior in need. As June is Perennial Gardening Home Care in Roswell GAMonth, those seniors who may have a tendency to garden or a desire to do it, they may feel that it’s impossible because of their physical limitations or health challenges at the time.

Hiring an experienced and professional elderly home care provider, somebody who is hired through an agency can provide the type of assistance the senior may need to actually get this garden underway.

It’s wrong to assume that people who haven’t planted a garden yet shouldn’t even bother any longer. In truth, a garden can be successful even when it’s planted late into June.

What kind of assistance might a senior need to garden?

Some elderly individuals may have great mobility, strength, and the ability to take care of themselves and do various things. Others may require a significant level of assistance. Some people may have difficulty getting around on their own, be wheelchair-bound, rely on a walker or cane, or simply walk extremely slowly and cautiously to avoid falling.

The level of assistance a senior might require will likely vary from one person to the next. For the most part, home care for the elderly is designed to help support seniors within the comfort of their home. Not every caregiver is going to be able to provide that type of assistance that allows them to garden if they need help. Make sure to consult the home care agency to determine whether or not there are certain caregivers who can assist with this important challenge.

If the garden needs to be tilled, in other words turning the soil over to make it soft and welcoming for the vegetables and other plants that would grow there, they can hire a professional landscaper a lawn care specialist to come to their home and do that for them. Planting the vegetables may be difficult for somebody who can’t bend over, kneel down, or who has limited strength in their legs or arms.

Tending to the garden, such as weeding and watering it on a regular basis may also require some level of assistance. Friends and neighbors may be able to help out, but that home care aide may also be a great asset. It’s important to discuss the prospect of gardening with any potential caregiver.

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