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Let Elderly Care Help You Spend Quality Time With Your Aging Parent

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Elderly Care in Sugar Hill GA

One of the great things that Elderly Care provides is the chance to spend time with your loved one.  Caring for aging parents brings a multitude of challenges.  However, with elderly care your focusElderly Care in Sugar Hill GA can be on doing special activities with them versus spending that precious time on household tasks.

Everyone, especially the elderly, just want someone to show they care.  Keeping it simple makes it easier for both of you.  With that in mind, here are some ideas to help with your visit:

  • Getting outside is always a great endeavor.  It doesn’t matter if they can walk on their own, with a walker or in a wheelchair, they would enjoy going around the block or even just up and down the street.  Stop to look at the flowers, notice the shape of the clouds, enjoy the environment and bask in the fresh air.
  • Food is always a great thing to enjoy during a visit.  Bring them their favorite food for a meal or a special treat from places they are no longer able to go to on their own.
  • For the music lover, look up music online in themes such as songs with the word river in the title.  You could also do other words tailored to their interest such as beaches and cars.  Listen to the songs and sing along.
  • For someone who enjoys arts and crafts, bring blank card stock and stickers and make cards or a picture they can hang on their refrigerator or wall.  Being able to look at it will remind them of your visit together.
  • For the gardener, bring some small plants and a potting bowl and help them plant something that can sit on their table or on the windowsill.  They will enjoy the feeling of the dirt on their hands and the enjoyment of watching the plants grow.
  • Read a book together by covering a few chapters each visit.  Or, if they are able to read on their own, each of you read the book separately and have a book discussion when you get together.  If a book is too much, try a magazine that interests them and read articles from that.

The important thing is to spend the time doing something together.  With Elderly Care services helping out with the day to day responsibilities, you are able to do just that.

If you or an aging loved one are looking for Elderly Care in Sugar Hill GA, contact the caring staff at Home Helpers of Alpharetta. Call today (678) 430-8511.