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Elder Care Time Management Strategies

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Elder Care in Sandy Springs GA

One thing many families share in common when providing in-home care is the desire to keep their aging loved one busy, but without pushing them beyond their limits. Effective time managementElder Care in Sandy Springs GA strategies will not only help families achieve this goal efficiently, but it will allow them to provide home care without pushing their loved one too far. That way, the elderly care they receive can be a pleasant experience and not something that exhausts them.

Become a List Maker:

This may seem like an obvious strategy, but it’s one often forgotten by home care providers. Lists not only help everyone stay organized, it helps everyone stay on task. There’s something satisfying about seeing that checkmark whenever something is finished. Create lists each morning for what needs to be accomplished that day, lists for what needs to be purchased at the grocery store, and any other list that needs to be created for organizational purposes. Each list should be written so what is most important goes on top and each additional items is listed according to priority thereafter.

Don’t Be a Finisher:

Being a perfectionist is not only going to stress you out, but it’s going to stress out the loved one receiving senior care. Don’t bite off more than you can chew in any given day. If the agenda only contains two items, then that is good enough. When things are good enough, then that means it’s a satisfying experience for the aging loved one and they feel a sense of self-worth. If the list created contains six items and three are check off by the end of the day, give praise to the aging loved one because it was a great day.

Use Shortcuts:

Using shortcuts helps everyone and it doesn’t mean anything is being done wrong. This is especially true during times of neatening up around the house. Not only does this help the aging loved one find a sense of peace while receiving in-home care, but it helps family members feel a sense of accomplishment while providing care. Do not use shortcuts during meal preparation or while maintaining hygiene practices, though, otherwise this could cause big problems later on.


Helping aging loved ones clear the clutter could be a challenge during senior care, but it’s not impossible. When they begin their in-home care plan, families can encourage them to use the “less is more” mentality and begin purging items they no longer need or use. This could also help them find ways to volunteer within the community by donating their unused or unneeded items. Once their home has become decluttered, they will find it is much easier to embrace their elder care plan and move through their daily routines.

Additional Thoughts:

There are a number of ways to incorporate time management strategies into an in-home care plan but, the bottom line is to expect the unexpected. Things are going to come up, and emergencies are going to arise from time to time. No matter how meticulous your planning is, schedules are going to change and it’s important to go with the flow.

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