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How To Be A Caregiver When You Live Far Away

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Caregiver in Roswell GA

Being a family caregiver for elderly adults is demanding no matter what, but when you live at a distance from your loved ones, you face additional challenges that can make the experience much Caregiver-Roswell-GAmore difficult for both you and your parents. Living far away from your seniors makes it more difficult, or even impossible, for you to get to their home to provide direct physical care and assistance on as frequent a basis as you would like. This can leave you feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, and even helpless as you try to make sure that your parents’ needs are met and that they are living the highest quality of life possible even when you are unable to actually be there with them.

Finding ways to stay connected with and bond with your aging loved ones throughout your distance caregiver journey improves mental and emotional health, helps your parents feel more secure with their care, and gives you more confidence that your seniors are getting the care and assistance that they need and deserve.


Try some of these ideas to enhance your relationship with your parents and bond with your seniors within your distance caregiver journey:

• Write letters. Traditional correspondence has fallen out of favor with most people, but the truth is that most aging people are far more comfortable with handwritten letters and cards than they are with electronic versions. These personalized communications are also more meaningful because they take more time and are actually tangible reminders of your connection with your seniors. Take the time to write at least one letter or card each week so they can look forward to receiving mail and interacting with you;

• Send pictures. One way that using technology can be extremely useful for staying connected with your seniors is by sending pictures. Set up an email account for your aging loved one and send pictures of your children, special events, and other familiar things regularly so that they feel connected to the rest of the family. Encourage their home care provider to send you pictures of your parents so you can share them with your children and build their relationship even at a distance;

• Care packages. Show that your parents are always on your mind and make sure that they have things that they need for their daily life by sending care packages. Pack your own care packages with items that they love, or take advantage of companies that offer regular care package delivery so that you can schedule deliveries on a routine basis. Some companies offer packages specifically designed for aging adults, while others contain more generic items such as healthy snacks, mentally stimulating activities, beauty products, or home products;

• Plan trips. Even if you are not able to visit frequently, having trips planned gives you and your aging loved ones something to look forward to, and ensures that your seniors do not feel isolated or alone. Just knowing that you do have a time when you will visit helps them feel more secure and boosts their spirits.


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