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The Importance of Proper Lighting for Aging Eyes

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Senior Care in Suwanee GA

According to the AARP, once a person reaches the age of 40, a number of common changes begin to occur inside the eye. These include the reduced ability to focus up close and the development Senior-Care-Suwanee-GAof a smaller pupil size, which allows less light to enter into the retina.

Therefore, it’s important for home care providers to realize that one of the best ways to reduce falls and injuries in the elderly is to ensure proper lighting is present. Since eyesight becomes worse with age, this can be a bit tricky.

According to a lighting study from AARP, there are certain types of fixtures to use around the home to enhance senior vision. Also, AARP states that seniors require up to three times the light younger adults need for typical tasks.

Some lighting types a family caregiver or home care provider should talk to the senior about installing are highlighted here.

Architectural fixtures

This lighting option offers illumination, as well as ambient light for transitional and living spaces, which includes darker rooms and hallways. Also, the home care provider can help add various automatic motion sensors that will cause the lights to come on when movement is detected. This is especially helpful at night when a majority of senior accidents and falls occur.

Downlight fixtures

A downlight fixture is designed to provide overhead lighting from the ceiling of the home through a recessed chandelier, pendant, or surface-mount light. Many home downlights are used over countertops, the sink or the stove. For maximum effectiveness, the downlight needs to be placed to the side of and a bit in front of where the senior is going to stand to take care of a certain tasks.

Adjustable task lights

An adjustable task light offers a much higher level of light above or close to an area that needs some direct light. Some examples of these include swing arm lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, and table lamps. In order to prevent any type of reflective glare, the task light needs to be placed next to the area where a task is completed, rather than in front of it. Also, it is essential that the home care provider ensures light cords are not in the senior’s path, which could cause a fall.

In addition to the issues listed earlier, the eye lenses of seniors often yellow, which reduces the ability to see white light. If additional cool fluorescent and halogen bulbs are used, this can help a senior see better in their home and prevent accidents and injuries.

Take some time to evaluate the senior’s home or living space. Are there ways to improve the lighting? If so, make some changes to help them see well and to help prevent potentially hazardous living conditions. There is no reason for a senior to suffer because they cannot see. A few minor adjustments, addition or changes in lighting, or even changes in the setup of a room, can make eye issues a non-issue for seniors.

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