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Elderly Care Awareness: Cancer Control Month

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Elderly Care in Marietta GA

Nearly everyone will at some point in their lives be affected by cancer. Whether it is through the diagnosis of a friend, a family member, or themselves, this devastating disease can have a lasting impact on their lives. Each year more than one million Americans are diagnosed with some form of cancer. 30 percent of those will eventually lose their lives to their disease. This makes understanding, preventing, and combating cancer something that everyone needs to think about when considering their health, wellbeing, and future.

April is Cancer Control Month. In the context of your elderly care plan with your aging loved one, this health observance is a time for you to make keeping cancer at bay a regular focus of your efforts. This does not just mean helping your senior to avoid developing cancer. This is also a time to protect your own health and to help those who are impacted by the disease. Working together toward the important goals of eradicating cancer can be valuable for your parent's physical health as well as her mental and emotional wellbeing.

Use these ideas to inspire you to come up with ways that you can observe Cancer Control Month with your elderly parent:

Know the risks. Talk with your parent's doctor about the particular cancers that she is at risk of developing. While virtually anyone can develop cancers such as skin cancer or lung cancer, there are risk factors that may make your parent particularly prone to a particular type.

Schedule the screenings. Just knowing that your parent is at risk is not enough. You must also be vigilant about testing for those cancers as often as is recommended. Work with her doctor to come up with a schedule that enables her to get screenings when she needs them to keep you both aware of your health. Studies have shown time and again that most people do not request screenings for cancer on their own. Instead, they wait for a doctor to make a specific recommendation. Do not let this happen. Talk to her doctor and encourage her to express her desire for complete and regular testing.

Make the changes. Work with your parent and her elderly health care services provider to implement a healthy lifestyle that protects her body from cancer. This means making dietary changes to ensure that her body is getting everything it needs and nothing it does not need, and staying active. It can also mean avoiding certain lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking, and going out into the sun without proper sun protection.

Spread the word. Even if your parent is not diagnosed with cancer, it is likely that she knows someone who has been. This month is a wonderful opportunity to show support and love for those who have developed a form of cancer and raise awareness, as well as funds. Find out about awareness and fund raising activities such as walks, runs, or sales in your area and choose one to participate in with your parent. This can be an incredibly meaningful experience for both of you, and help the fight against cancer.


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