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Five Household Uses for Lemons

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

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The brilliant yellow coloring and sweet, summery smell of lemons make them wonderful to have around the home. Keeping a bowl of lemons at your loved ones home can prove to be more than just aesthetically pleasing and pleasantly fragrant. In fact, lemons have many household uses that can help you to keep your elderly loved one healthy, happy, and safe. Here are just five wonderful reasons to keep lemons on hand at your loved ones home all of the time.

1. For Healthy Flavor

If your loved one is striving to health a healthier and more nutritious diet, there is no better citrus fruit to always have on hand than lemons. Lemon juice can help add flavor to dishes, replacing salt, which is great for elderly adults who are trying to eat a heart healthy diet. In addition, lemon can be used to flavor water and tea, reducing your loved ones cravings for sugary drinks that can derail a healthy eating plan.

2. For Scrubbing

For a natural and disposable pot and pan scrubbing solution, cut a lemon in half, sprinkle salt on it and use it scrub kitchen items clean. Using the lemon and salt technique reduces the need for harsh cleaning chemicals that can be irritating to your loved ones skin and lungs.

3. As a Cat Repellent

Does your loved one have a cat that loves to scratch? To keep the cat away from certain pieces of furniture or areas of the house, fill a spray bottle with water, lemon juice, and some drops of lavender essential oils and spray. What is great about this cat repellent is that is smells great, too, reducing the need for artificial deodorizers and air fresheners which can aggravate your loved ones allergy or asthma symptoms.

4. As an Insect Repellent

Lemon juice can help keep the bugs out of your loved ones kitchen. Simply squeeze lemon juice in places where you suspect bugs are entering. This method is safer than using chemical insecticides which can be health hazard to your loved ones pets.

5. To Brighten a Load of Laundry

Adding lemon juice to your loved ones laundry can help to make whites whiter without the use of harsh bleach. It can also boost the power of the detergent to make clothing look brighter and free of stains. As a bonus, it leaves clothing smelling lemon-fresh!

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