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What Has You So Stressed Out?

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

Senior Care in Johns Creek GA

As a family caregiver, stress is almost certainly a big part of your daily life. But do you have to carry around all of that stress? Some of the things that have you stressed to your limits are things that you may be able to do something about.

Finding Your Triggers

Often when someone says that they're stressed out, they may respond "everything" when someone asks them why they're so stressed. The reality is that it's not everything that's stressing you. There are some specific activities, people, or situations that are causing you stress. The trick is to find out what your actual triggers are. Stress triggers are the instigating situations that cause you to respond with a feeling of stress.

External Triggers

External stresses and triggers are the ones that exist outside of you. These can be life changes that are happening, such as moving to a new home or the loss of a loved one. You might also be stressed because of noises that you can't control or other environmental issues. Events that you can't control are another source of stress. Social and workplace situations are other good examples of external triggers.

Internal Triggers

Internal triggers are those that originate within you, in your mind and in your heart. Fears are particularly strong stressors because we're hardwired to react to fear with a fight or flight response. Just about any type of fear from fear of the dark to fear of speaking in public can be a stress trigger for you. Being out of your element or feeling out of control can also be a stress trigger. When you don't know how to help your elderly loved one, for example, this can cause a great deal of stress.

Continue to Identify and Reduce

Once you identify your stress triggers, you can try to work around them. For example, if you're afraid of leaving your elderly loved one on her own, you can hire senior care providers to stay with her during that time. As soon as you have a solution for the stress trigger, it can stop being a source of stress for you. Work down your list of triggers, finding solutions to each as you go.

In some cases you might not think that you can come up with a solution. Try talking it out with a friend or with a therapist or counselor.

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