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Creating a Safer Home Environment for an Elderly Parent

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Home Care in Marietta GA

There are a number of dangers elders face in their home. For one, they are at a higher risk of developing a fall-related injuries compared to any other age group. The problem could be their loss of bone mass or their weakened muscles. Whatever the reason, they could land themselves in the emergency room if their home is not safe.

Also, seniors with mental disabilities may become more curious, causing them to harm themselves or their home without even realizing it. For example, they may leave a pot on a hot stove without remembering they turned the oven on in the first place. This forgetfulness could easily lead to a fire. If your loved one would like to continue living in their home, take the following safety precautions in order to help prevent accidents and disasters from occurring.

  • Check the water heater. Seniors have extremely delicate skin because it has lost its elasticity and thickness with age. Make sure the water heater is not turned on too high in order to prevent your loved one from scalding themselves when stepping in the bathtub or washing their hands.
  • Remove all debris from walkways. One of the biggest safety hazards is clutter in hallways and rooms where the elder may be walking. Make sure all items are picked up, furniture that is causing an obstruction is moved, and all carpets and rugs are firmly nailed down.
  • Light up the house. Keeping the house well-lit could prevent numerous accidents from happening. This includes nightlights in the hallways, bathrooms, stairwells, and closets.
  • Keep the bathroom safe. Another hazard in the senior’s home is the bathroom. With all of the water that may be displayed on the floor from showers or baths, the elder could easily slip and injure themselves. Nonskid mats and grab bars can lessen this risk.
  • Provide help in the kitchen. From reaching from cookware in tall cabinets to standing near hot surfaces, it is easy to see why the kitchen can be so dangerous to elders. There are devices available that can turn off a stove or other appliance if it is left idle for too long. This is done through the use of motion sensors. Also, place all pans and other cookware in easy-to-reach cabinets in order to prevent your loved one from hurting themselves when reaching above their head.
  • Change the doorknobs. Older adults with arthritis may have a difficult time opening a door with a traditional round doorknob. One way you can help is by changing all of their door knobs into handles.

If you are concerned over the safety and well-being of your loved one, consider hiring a home care provider. This professional will help care for your loved one, while also providing them with companionship.


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