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Understanding the Types of Conflicts That Can Arise Over Care for an Elderly Parent

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Senior Care in Woodstock GA

When you thought of being a family caregiver for your aging parent it is likely that you envisioned a strong relationship with them and support and help from your siblings. What you may have found, however, is that this does not always work out that way. Conflicts among siblings that arise over the care that one gives to their parent are not uncommon and they can be extremely stressful for everyone involved, particularly you as the primary caregiver and your aging parent as the person in the middle of everything. Understanding these conflicts can help you to take the proper steps to resolve them effectively.

• Unbalanced burden. It seems logical that if you have siblings you will get assistance from them that allows you to divide the burden of care for your parent. This should enable you to continue focusing effort and energy on other elements of your life while knowing that your parent is getting all of the care, support, and encouragement that they need. This, however, might not be the case. Your siblings might not want to be involved or simply not do what you deem their fair share, making you feel unduly pressured.

• Financial issues. Caring for an elderly parent brings up many financial issues. You must consider how much financial responsibility your parent will have and how much you will be expected to contribute to supplement their care, which can bring up conflicts over your sibling’s investment in your parent’s care. This might also bring up issues of inheritance and how your parent’s estate will be divided at the end of their life, possibly putting you in the position of believing that you deserve more than your siblings and them feeling as though you are using too much of your parent’s estate for their care.

• Criticism. Even if your siblings are not giving forth any physical effort toward caring for your parent, they might be eager to offer their thoughts and opinions for how that care should be handled. If they feel that you are “doing it wrong” or should be doing something different, it could cause a tremendous amount of tension and frustration.

If you are suffering conflicts with your siblings and even your aging parent over the care that you are giving to your loved one, now may be the ideal time for you to consider starting senior care for them. A senior home care services provider is an exceptional source of support, care, and assistance that can step in and give your aging parent the care that they need, allowing you to step back and focus on resolving the issues within your family. This can help by distancing you from the situation, ensuring that your siblings can no longer contend that you are not giving your parent the right care, or can give a sibling that lives at a distance the opportunity to contribute to your parent’s care through financial support. This can resolve conflict, ease tension, and ensure that your elderly parent is first and foremost in all care decisions that are made.

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