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What Can Your Elderly Loved One Do to Stay in the Driver's Seat?

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Elder Care in Roswell GA

For most elderly loved ones, maintaining the ability to drive is equivalent to keeping as much of her independence as possible. The first step is to make sure that your loved one is still safe to drive and then you can develop a plan to keep her driving for as long as she wants to continue to do so.

Get Her Vision and Hearing Checked Yearly

Your loved one's ability to see and hear what is going on out on the road is essential. By having her hearing and her vision checked regularly, your loved one can spot potential issues before they become a true problem. If corrective devices such as hearing aids and glasses can help your loved one to be safer on the road, it's best to have those up to date as well.

Keep up with Doctor's Appointments

Make sure that you talk to your loved one's doctor about both her concerns and your concerns regarding driving. Your loved one's doctor can determine if there are any health conditions that would make driving unsafe for your loved one. By keeping up with her follow up appointments, your loved one can help to ensure that changes to her health don't automatically mean that she loses her ability to drive.

Focus on Her Overall Health

The better your loved one's overall health is, the more likely it will be that she's able to keep driving. Getting the right amount of sleep, eating right, and exercising regularly can all help to ensure that your loved one is in the right condition to continue driving. Work with your loved one's doctor to establish a health plan for your loved one, including the right amounts and duration of exercise. Then stick with the plan.

Practice with Her Reaction Time

Brain games can help to keep your loved one's mind sharp, but her reaction time involves her brain and her physical ability to respond. There are a variety of different smartphone applications that can help your loved one to improve her reaction time and they're fun, too. Find ways to keep your loved one's brain active that she enjoys, whether that's puzzles, games, or other methods.

Once your loved one has a plan, make sure that you let her other family members and elder care providers in on the plan so that they can help her to stay on track.

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