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Top 3 Ways to Fight Back Against Caregiver Burnout

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

Elderly Care in Sandy Springs GA

You've probably heard a lot about caregiver stress and burnout in your time as a caregiver and some of the most frequent suggestions for preventing it are really important. Tips like taking care of your health and keeping your social life alive are all essential, but there are some other ways that you can get your groove back, too.

Ask Others for Help

Chances are really good that at more than a few points you've heard people end a conversation with you by saying, "Let me know if there's anything that I can do to help." And you probably nodded and smiled, said thank you, and promptly either forgot about the exchange or had no idea how you would ever approach that person with a true request for help.

If you're going to win the fight against caregiver burnout, you have got to take those offers seriously. People wouldn't offer if they weren't sincere. They want to help you and your loved one and they most likely have no idea how to offer true tangible help, hence the vague offer of potential help. Get specific. Make a list and start letting people know exactly how they can help. These can be small tasks, like picking up some milk for you when you're running low, grabbing the dry cleaning, or even just being available for a visit.

Hire Outside Help

For some kinds of help that you need, you need someone who has far more experience than the kindly neighbor who you're finally letting help you. This is a good time to look into hiring outside help. Some family caregivers think that once they hire elderly care providers, they need to be there every day, every night, all through everything. That isn't necessarily true. Depending on your needs, you might only need elderly care providers once a week or twice a month. Nothing is set in stone and you can ease yourself and your loved one into the idea.

Schedule Time Off and Make it a High Priority

It's one thing to thing in fluid terms about someday taking some time away. The problem is that someday never really solidifies into time off for you unless you make it do so. Put time off in your schedule and make it a high priority item for you, because it is. If you don't have time off, you're going to succumb to your symptoms of burnout and that defeats the purpose of being a caregiver at all.

Do everything that you can to fight caregiver burnout, even if it feels uncomfortable at first.

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