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Household Tips for Keeping Your Loved One Cool during the Summer Months

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

Senior Care in Duluth GA

The summer heat is still going strong which means that as a caregiver it is important that you keep focusing on helping your aging parent to stay cool. Getting overheated can be extremely dangerous for an elderly adult, potentially leading to heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and other serious consequences. Seniors are also more prone to these serious complications due to the fact that their bodies are less capable of regulating extreme temperatures and they are less likely to feel thirst signals, putting them at greater risk of dehydration that can increase the possibility of overheating.

Use these tips to help your parent's home stay cooler so your parent can be more comfortable, safer, and healthier throughout the hottest months of the year:

  • Close the blinds. The summer sun might be tempting and you might want to throw open the blinds so that you can fill your parent's home with light. This, however, can also fill the home with heat. Instead, close the blinds during the day to prevent the heat from getting inside.
  • Prevent air leaks. You want your parent's air conditioning system to cool their home, not the outside. If there are leaks around the windows and doors, however, the warm air from the outside can get in and the cool air from the inside can get out. Inspect all of the windows and doors to identify any potential leaks and seal them properly to make it easier to regulate the home's temperature.
  • Use high efficiency bulbs. Old fashioned fluorescent bulbs put out a tremendous amount of heat. This can make the room they are in uncomfortable. Replace these bulbs with high efficiency LED bulbs. Not only do these take up far less energy to produce a bright light, but they do not put out any heat, keeping the space around them cooler and more comfortable.
  • Use fans. The air conditioner should be the primary source of cooling for the home, but using fans properly can enhance this benefit. Set ceiling fans to spin at high speed in a counter-clockwise motion. This will pull the hot air up out of the room and keep the air moving, which helps it to feel cooler. Consider using oscillating or box fans to produce a stream of air for more direct cooling on the hottest days.

If you are concerned about your parent's health and safety during the summer months, starting a senior care relationship for your loved one can be a fantastic option for both your elderly parent and you. A home care provider can help you to feel far more confident in the safety and well-being of your aging parent throughout the hottest months of the year. Knowing that your loved one is in good hands whether you are with them or not, and that they are receiving care that is customized specifically for their needs and challenges, can give you peace of mind that they can enjoy an active, engaged quality of life while staying healthy and safe.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring senior care in Duluth, GA, please contact the caring staff at Home Helpers, call (678) 430-8511.