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Fun Craft Activities to Do with Your Parent and Children During National Fall Foliage Week

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Caregivers in Sandy Springs GA

September 27 through October 3 is National Fall Foliage Week. This is a wonderful time for you to focus your caregiver efforts on spending quality time with both your elderly parent and your children, enabling them to benefit from building their relationship and ensuring that you can make the most of your time and energy. While one of the most popular ways to celebrate the fall foliage is to get out and actually see the foliage, this is not the only way that your family can enjoy this time of year together. If your parent is not able to get out of the house, or you simply want to find other ways that you can celebrate the natural beauty of the foliage during this week, making crafts together is a fantastic way to extend the fun.

Crafting encourages both your parent and your children to use their imagination, express themselves, and get creative. This stimulates their minds and sharpens their cognitive processing. For your aging parent, this can mean better memory skills, improved thinking, and reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Some fun craft activities that you can do with your aging parent and children during National Fall Foliage Week, and any other time throughout the autumn season, include:

• Leaf sun catchers. Create beautiful pieces of art that you can put on display throughout the season and then tuck away as a treasured keepsake for years to come. Place a piece of waxed paper waxed side up on a table. Break crayons into small pieces and sprinkle the pieces across the center of the paper, making sure that there is at least two inches of space around all sides. Place another piece of waxed paper waxed side down onto the crayons. Put a piece of cotton fabric on the ironing board and place the waxed paper and crayons on top. Add another piece of fabric and use the iron on low to gently sweep across the section with the crayons until they are melted and smooth. Take two pieces of construction paper and cut a leaf shape out of the center of both, making sure they are the same. Glue or tape the melted crayon in between the two pieces of paper, centering the melted crayon. Trim the construction paper into your desired size and hang in the window.

• Leaf art. For older children or a more sophisticated craft, use actual leaves to create beautiful pieces of art you can put throughout the home. Go out for a walk with your parent and children and collect fallen leaves. Make sure that they are still soft and not dried. Press these leaves between the pages of heavy books for several days, using paper towels to absorb moisture. Arrange these leaves between the pieces of glass of a floating frame to create a beautiful decorative piece.

• Potato stamps. Cut potatoes in half and pat away most of the moisture from the surface with paper towels. Use a very sharp knife to cut out the shape of a leaf, ensuring that you remove the outer portion and leave the leaf shape protruding from the potato. Dip these stamps in paint and use them on canvas or art paper to create unique fall paintings.

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