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What Do You Need to Know about Chronic Pain and Your Elderly Loved One?

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

Elder Care in Roswell GA

Some elderly loved ones look at pain as simply a side effect of growing older. The problem is that chronic pain can cause a lot of other problems for her and it's better to try to resolve it.

Potential Causes of Chronic Pain

Your loved one can develop chronic pain for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes she might experience chronic pain as a result of an ongoing health condition, too. Some of the reasons your loved one might experience chronic pain include, but aren't limited to:

Your Loved One Might Not Mention Chronic Pain

One of the biggest things for you to understand about chronic pain as a family caregiver is that your loved one may not mention pain at all. She may chalk it up to growing older or simply something she has to deal with. She may also fear that no one cares, that she'll be looked at harshly, or that admitting to pain can make her lose some independence. All of this makes chronic pain much more difficult to diagnose and treat.

Pain Can Lead to Emotional Issues

Left untreated, chronic pain can lead to emotional issues for your loved one. She might develop depression because of her continuing pain or she could feel anxiety over not being able to control the pain. Regardless, some emotional outbursts or behaviors that are difficult to understand can sometimes lead back to chronic pain that has gone untreated.

Pain Can Lead to Falls

Depending on the location and type of pain, your loved one may be more prone to falling due to chronic pain. This is dangerous for many different reasons and can make you worry even more about your loved one. Treating the pain can often resolve the issues that could lead to the falls.

Chronic Pain Is Difficult to Treat

Chronic pain can be very difficult for your loved one's doctor to treat, especially if it's a side effect of other health conditions. This doesn't mean that your loved one's doctor doesn't need to know about the pain. On the contrary, the more your loved one's doctor knows about her pain, the more he can do to try to control it.

If you suspect that your loved one is dealing with chronic pain, talk to her doctors, elder care providers, and other family members to try to figure out the right plan for her.

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