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What Are Some Honest Questions You Can Ask Your Aging Adult about Her Driving?

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

When driving is getting questionable for your aging adult, there are some serious questions that you need to be able to ask her.

Does She Get Honked at a Lot?

Other drivers can't really call your senior or stop and have a conversation about what happened on the road. So they tend to rely on that tried and true method of communication when something upsets them: the old horn. A good rule of thumb for your aging adult can be that if she's hearing horns from other drivers, she may be having some trouble driving properly.

Is the Car Looking Beat Up?

Another side effect of sketchy driving is that the car can tell the tale. Make it a habit to periodically examine your senior's car. If you're starting to notice more scratches, dents, and dings than usual, it may let you know that there's more than parking woes going on.

Are Other People Taking about Her Driving?

If other family members ride with your senior from time to time, what do they have to say? They may be expressing concerns, too, even if they're doing it subtly. Talk to your senior about what other people say when they're in the car with her. If you feel as if she's deflecting, talk directly to these other folks to get their take.

Is She Uncomfortable about Her Own Driving?

Your senior may not come out and tell you that it scares her to drive and that's to be expected. But do ask her if she's ever uncomfortable driving. This can mean that a particular situation makes her uncomfortable. It doesn't mean that she has to give up driving completely.

Has She Been Pulled Over a Good Bit?

You may need to resort to pulling your elderly family member's driving record if you really want to see what's going on when you're not in the car. A significant amount of traffic tickets is a big sign that local law enforcement has already talked with your senior about her driving a few times.

Make sure that your senior has alternatives available to driving herself. Some to consider include hiring home care providers, setting up a schedule for other family members to do the driving, and checking out senior agencies in the area that offer transportation.

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