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How Can You Get the Conversation about Future Care Started with Your Aging Adult?

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

Future care can be a tricky topic with your aging adult, especially if she's not excited about having the conversation. You might need to get creative about how you start the ball rolling.

Mention an Article You Read

If you're trying to figure out how to talk to your aging adult about future care, you're probably already doing a lot of research. Start looking for articles that apply to situations your elderly family member is in herself. You can either print out the articles for her to read or you can refer to them in conversation. Sometimes having something else to point to can help to bring the topic up.

The News Can Help, Too

The same can happen with the news. Whether your senior enjoys watching local news or reads the local paper regularly, start seeking out openings there. Use either an article in the paper or a news segment to apply the situation to your senior's situation. This can help the conversation to feel more authentic and less like something you've been waiting to tackle with her.

Think about the Current Housing Situation

Take a look around your senior's home. If there are maintenance issues or it's a lot of house for her to keep up with on her own, offer to help with some of those tasks. While you're working, you can bring up the topic about whether she's thought about the future and how she'll adapt. You might even offer solutions, such as hiring home care providers to help with housekeeping tasks.

Talk about Current Health Issues

Listen to what your senior tells you about how current health issues are affecting her. She might mention that it's tough to hear well, lately, for example. That might inspire a conversation about whether it's affecting her in other ways, such as when she's driving. The more information you have, the more solutions you can provide for her.

Don't jump the gun and assume you know what your aging adult will say. If you can find the right opening, she may be more forthcoming than you expect her to be.

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