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What Kinds of Behavior Could Be a Sign that Your Aging Adult Needs More Help?

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

Watching your elderly family member's behavior can help you to spot even smaller changes that mean she needs some extra help. Some of these changes might mean that her health is changing, while others could mean that she's simply lonely and in need of more of your time and attention.

She's Calling You at Extremely Odd Times

It's bad enough to have your phone ring in the middle of the night, displaying your aging adult's phone number, and have there be something wrong. It can be even scarier to have your phone ringing at all hours with a simple question or just to talk. This type of behavior can be a sign that your senior family member needs a little more time and attention.

She's Being Markedly Different than Usual

By now, you're probably quite comfortable with your elderly family member's personality and behavior. So when that starts changing, she's loud in public now when she's always been quiet, which can be jarring. And it can also mean that there's more going on than you might think. It's worth digging a bit deeper to find out what can be causing that behavior change.

She's Paranoid

Paranoia isn't always incorrect. There could be situations in your elderly family member's life that genuinely have her worried that someone might harm her. but if your aging adult is paranoid for no reason that you can point to, this could be a sign of bigger health issues. Talk with her doctor about your concerns so that you can rule out other problems.

She's Extremely Anxious or Agitated

Most people get anxious in specific situations. If your aging adult is anxious or agitated in quite a few situations, there could be a bigger cause for concern. Talk to your elderly family member about what is causing her feelings to see if there is something that you can correct for her. If there isn't anything you can spot together, it might be necessary to talk to her doctor.

Senior care providers can help you to spot some of the more subtle versions of these, as well.

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