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How to Help Your Elderly Loved One Walk More Easily with Her Walker

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

Senior Care in Roswell GA

Your loved one might be resistant to using a walker, but it can help her to maintain some of her independence and mobility. Using the walker properly is the key to your loved one being able to get around easily and quickly.

Make Sure the Walker Is Set up Properly

Your loved one's doctor can show you how to set up your loved one's walker and how to make sure that it's in good working order. If the walker has wheels, you'll need to make sure that they operate freely so that the walker can move correctly. Check the tips frequently, too, since they can wear unevenly and create a hazard.

Help Your Loved One Stand in the Walker

When your loved one is ready to use her walker, she'll need to stand in the U-shaped opening made by the walker's sides. The walker should be just in front of her with all of its legs flat on the floor and within an arm's reach of her body. Wheeled walkers simply require lifting the pressure from the walker to allow it to move forward, while a walker without wheels needs to be picked up and moved slightly ahead.

Encourage Your Loved One to Move Properly within the Walker

If your loved one is trying to move the walker too far ahead of herself or if she's trying to move too quickly, she may have difficulty with using the walker. Encourage your loved one to take her time and to take smaller steps until she's feeling comfortable with how the walker operates.

Watch for Signs of Issues

Be alert to signs of potential problems with your loved one and her walker. If the walker is making a lot of noise or if it seems wobbly, there may be mechanical issues with the device. It's a good idea to have your loved one's doctor or physical therapist take a look at it for you to make sure that it's safe to use.

Ask your loved one's senior care providers to help you determine how to keep the device safe for her.

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