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Tips for Encouraging Your Loved One to Get More Physical Activity During National Garden Month

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

As a family caregiver you know how important it is for your elderly loved one to get as much physical activity as possible. Staying physically active helps them to maintain a healthy weight, keeps their joints healthy and strong, supports better mobility as they age, and helps to reduce risk of a wide variety of health complications and issues for both their mind and body. There are many ways that you can encourage your loved one to stay physically active, but many elderly adults do not like the idea of structured “exercise”. Finding ways to keep them active in their regular routine is a fantastic way to help them stay healthy without trying to force them into exercises that they might not enjoy. 

April is National Garden Month. This is the perfect chance for you to integrate the joy of gardening into your parent’s routine to help them stay active. Gardening also provides a wide range of mental and emotional health benefits as well, including giving them a sense of accomplishment and structure in their days.

Some of the ways that you can integrate physical activity into your parent’s care routine with gardening include:

• Stretching. Bending, reaching, and stretching are all valuable for supporting flexibility and range of motion. Gardening allows your parent to perform these movements in gradual, gentle ways that are effective but not intimidating
• Lifting. Exercise with resistance, such as light weightlifting, is important not just for keeping their muscles strong, but also their bones. Lifting items such as pallets of flowers, full watering cans, and other items provides these benefits without overtaxing their body
• Cardio exercise. Gardening might seem easy, but anyone who does it regularly can attest to how active it truly is. This can help your parent burn calories, get their heartrate up, and improve their respiratory system.

Starting senior care for your aging parent is an exceptional way for you to encourage your elderly loved one to live a more active, engaged, and fulfilling quality of life throughout their later years. The highly personalized set of services provided by a senior home care services provider is designed to address your loved one’s individual needs, challenges, and limitations as well as their personality, goals, and beliefs. This ensures that they can get everything that they need to stay safe, healthy, comfortable, and happy, while also pursuing independence, activity, and engagement for a lifestyle that is as fulfilling as possible as they age in place. It is important to note that senior care is not just for elderly adults who are struggling with serious health conditions or major limitations. Even those who are only dealing with moderate issues can benefit tremendously from the support, companionship, transportation, and other services offered by this type of care provider. As a family caregiver this can help you to feel at ease knowing that they are getting what they need, and can relieve some of your stress so that you are able to focus more energy and attention on other obligations in your life.

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