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5 Simple Ways to Feel More Organized as a Family Caregiver

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

Disorganization can leave you feeling overwhelmed and at loose ends when you're trying to care for your elderly loved one. These simple steps can help you to feel more organized right away.

Deal with Mail as Soon as it Enters the House

Mail is one of those items that reproduces if you don't find a way to manage it. If you can deal with it as soon as you bring it in the house, you're less likely to have to deal with piles of it later. Throw junk mail away before you deal with any other mail. Important mail is easy to sort if you keep a couple of file folders handy. Use one for bills and others for other important topics. Sorting the mail right away allows you to categorize it until you can look at it later.

Use a Calendar of Some Sort

Many people think that they can rely on their memory alone to keep important dates straight. Take it easy on yourself and use some sort of calendar for yourself and your elderly loved one. You might want to use a wall calendar, a planner, or even the calendar on your phone. The less you have to rely on your memory for dates and appointments, the more you can free up your brain for other things.

Reduce Clutter and Donate What You Don't Use

Most households have items hanging around that don't get used. That can build up into clutter if you're not careful. Do a quick assessment in each room and note to yourself what you and your loved one no longer use. If it's still in good shape, donate it. Otherwise, get rid of what you don't use.

Find a Place for Everything

The items that are left should be the items that you and your loved one actually use. Figure out where each item is best stored and then put it there. A good rule of thumb is to think about where you would look for the item if you needed it. If you wouldn't look for it where you're about to put it, that location might not be the best one.

Embrace Down Time

When you have down time, enjoy it. It's essential in order to keep you going. If you don't already give yourself time away from caregiving, schedule it in. Hiring elderly care providers and working out a schedule with other family members are just two ways that you can do this without leaving your loved one completely on her own.

Keeping yourself organized is an ongoing project, but the simpler you keep your processes, the easier this project can be.

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