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Why Is Self-care So Tough for Caregivers?

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

The average caregiver already knows that self-care is important. What you might not know is why it's so very difficult for you to make self-care a higher priority in your life and your schedule. Once you realize why it's tough, you can get to work on finding solutions that can really work for you in your life.

Energy Is a Massive Problem

As a caregiver, you're spending a lot of your personal energy dealing with issues for your aging adult and for other people. That energy would normally have gone toward taking care of other things, including your own self-care. You're constantly on the job, and that takes a lot of your personal energy. It's mentally and emotionally exhausting to think about you when there are more "important" issues.

So Is Time

Beyond your energy levels, caregiving also takes up a big part of your available time. That means you don't have the time to think about what you need and if you do, you might be hard pressed to determine when you could take the time out that you desperately need. What you'll need to do instead is to look for ways to make the most of the time that you do have, even if that's mere moments at a stretch.

Everyone Else Has Needs

Every time you turn around, does someone else need something? That sounds like the life of a caregiver. You're likely getting interrupted left, right, and center by the people you care about who need things from you. That's not necessarily a terrible thing, but it cuts into your time and your energy. It also likely interrupts those few moments for self-care that you do manage to carve out.

Other Issues Come into Play

So many other issues can be a factor, too. Lots of problems are surmountable if you can toss enough money at the situation. That's not something that caregivers can necessarily do, because budgets are often tight. So this might mean that you need to get a little more creative than you thought you would need to be at first. Look at what your specific obstacles are and determine what you can do to work around them.

Once you can get past the logistical issues, you can start to work on the other issues that might be keeping you from prioritizing self-care. At some point as a caregiver, you're going to need to make self-care a priority, whether you're ready to do so or not.

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