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Developing a Plan for Aging in Place

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

It's extremely common for aging adults to express that they would like to age in place. This means that your senior wants to live her life as it is for as long as possible without having to uproot herself. For many aging adults, aging in place is possible with a plan.

A Plan Keeps You on Target

The key behind creating a plan is that it allows you to follow a roadmap of sorts. Even if you know where you and your senior are headed, that plan gives you a chance to just double check periodically and make sure that you're hitting all of her needs and her wants. You may adjust the plan along the way and that's perfectly normal. The idea is just to have a plan at all.

Account for Potential Health Changes

If your elderly family member has existing health issues, you need to remember that those are likely to change over time. Some health conditions are ones that your senior can manage with diet and exercise but others, like COPD, are chronic and will continue to get worse. Other changes are likely to happen, like your senior's vision and hearing changing or her mobility becoming more challenged.

What Happens When Your Senior Has Trouble with ADLs?

ADLs, or activities of daily living, are those activities that you don't think much about until you or your elderly family member have trouble with them. These are activities like walking around the house, taking care of household tasks, basic grooming and dressing, and more. When these activities become too much of a challenge, it might be time for elderly care providers to help out. From there, you can assess other solutions.

Look at a Variety of "What Ifs" without Overwhelming Yourself

Any good plan is going to take a look at what might happen along the way. The problem with this as a caregiver is that there are a lot of what ifs that could happen. If you try to focus on every single one of them, you might find yourself overwhelmed and at loose ends. Focus primarily on what is realistic and set time aside every few months to see if any new possibilities have become more realistic. This allows you to adapt the plan as you go.

Your plan may not go exactly how you and your senior want it to go. Sometimes there are surprises along the way that you never could have accounted for, so it's important to remember that this isn't a definitive plan by any means. What you can do is plan the best that you can with the information that you have.

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