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How to Encourage Elderly Adults to Exercise

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

Everyone knows the benefits of exercising, even if we don’t actually do it as often as we should. Not only does exercise extend our life, it improves our health and wellness both physically and mentally. Elderly adults definitely benefit from regular exercise, even though some people may believe they should just take it easy in their golden years.

Family caregivers should encourage their aging loved ones to do some form of exercise a few times per week. Many people turn to senior care assistants to work with their relatives on an appropriate exercise program Regardless of their current activity level, seniors of any ability can exercise and enjoy the benefits.

How Elderly Adults Benefit from Exercise

Regular exercise contributes to an elderly adult’s health and wellness in numerous ways. One of the most important benefits for seniors is that exercise can reduce the risk of dangerous slip and fall accidents. Thousands of seniors fall each year due to poor balance, muscle weakness and inactivity. Exercise strengthens the core and gives seniors more body awareness as they move around.

Regular exercise can also reduce an elderly person’s risk of a heart attack or a stroke. Seniors also notice that they have a more robust circulation, higher bone density and lower levels of chronic pain. Some studies even show that when seniors lead a more sedentary life, their risk of developing dementia increases. All these reasons and more are why doctors recommend that seniors get active whenever possible. With the help of a senior care assistant, elderly adults have someone to encourage them and help them exercise.

How Senior Care Assistants Can Encourage Exercise in Seniors

Elderly care assistants are adept at taking care of an elderly person’s needs. As age takes a toll on mobility and life skills, senior care aides step in and provide that care. Getting elderly people to exercise is just one of the tasks that senior care aides can do to keep them safe and healthy. Aging adults that are more mobile can go on walks with their senior care assistant around the block or when out shopping. Assistants can also drive them to the community center for senior swim aerobics and other fitness classes.

Exercise is possible even when elderly adults don’t leave home. Senior care aides can also set up exercise DVDs or online fitness classes made especially for seniors. There are even programs designed for those who are bedridden or wheelchair-bound. Assistants can even help elderly adults with stretches and simple movements to keep their muscles moving and their circulation going.

There’s no doubt that when elderly adults engage in regular exercise, they gain confidence and raise their self-esteem. Regular exercise leads to significant health improvements, and a good senior care assistant can make it happen.



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