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Four More Signs You Might Be Experiencing Caregiver Burnout

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

You might already know that constant anxiety, exhaustion, and trouble concentrating are just a few of the signs of impending caregiver burnout. Here are a few more signs you might want to be aware of as well.

You're Not Happy about Being a Caregiver

Everybody has their good days and their bad days when it comes to caregiving. But if you're honestly feeling unhappy about being a caregiver, you may need some more help. This is especially a problem if all you do is wrapped up in caregiving. You may feel as if you don't have anything else at all, and you don't even want this.

Your Irritability Is Off the Charts

Irritability is a sign from your brain and from your emotional self that you're not okay. When you're irritable, you feel as if everything is poking and stabbing at you and you just want it all to stop. Caregiving requires a lot of time and attention, especially if your senior has some serious needs. Irritability makes taking care of those needs nearly impossible because everything is too much.

You Can't Ever Seem to Relax

Do you ever relax? Many caregivers find that even when they have someone else take over for a little while, they can't seem to give up that hypervigilant feeling. This can be a bad sign because any time that you take away from caregiving needs to be able to recharge you. If you're not able to do that, then you're not really ever getting any time off from caregiving.

You Feel Hopeless

Feeling hopeless is a dangerous feeling in any situation. To truly feel hopeless means that no matter what you do, you worry that it's all for naught. In a caregiving situation, feeling hopeless can impact everything that you do for yourself and for your elderly family member. It's a sign of depression and can even be a sign of other problems that can impact your life for a long time. Talk to your doctor or find a therapist that you can trust so that you can get a handle on your hopelessness.

If you're seeing more than a few of these signs, you may need to step away from caregiving for a time. Burnout is not something that you can bounce back from with a few afternoons off. You may need some time in therapy and even then, you might not be ready to step back into caregiving.

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