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How Can You Keep Your Senior Safe on Social Media?

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

June 30 is Social Media Day, which gives you, as a family caregiver, the ideal opportunity to integrate social media into your care efforts for your senior. Using social media as a part of your care efforts is a great way to keep them in touch with friends and family, stay connected with you, and even help them find activities and organizations to be a part of. It is important, though, to remember that social media can be beneficial, but it can also be dangerous. Taking the time to help your parent understand the risks can keep them safe on social media, preventing common issues such as fraud, theft, and viruses to the computer.

Share these tips with your senior to help keep them safe on social media:

  • Make all social media platforms and accounts private so only those friends and family your parent connects with can access their posts
  • Never post any personal information to another person's social media account. This includes a full name, a phone number, or an address
  • Never accept a friend request from someone they do not personally know
  • Never click on a link inside a message or post, even if it's from someone they know. It is becoming more common for social media accounts to be hacked and people to post dangerous links through these masked accounts
  • Your senior should never share information on social media that indicates they will be out of their home, as this can open them up to criminal activity
  • If your parent is contacted by someone asking for money, wanting to connect with them personally, wanting to meet them, or other suspicious behavior, they should not respond, and should immediately let you know so together you can make decisions of how to move forward
  • Your senior should make sure all of their accounts have strong passwords that could not easily be guessed, and should always sign out of their accounts after using them

Keeping your aging parent safe and healthy is the primary goal of the personalized services of a home care provider. This doesn't just mean helping them with their physical needs and challenges. Instead, this care provider can offer a set of services designed specifically to help them stay safe, healthy, and well in all areas of their life. One of these areas is social interaction and mental stimulation. An in-home senior care services provider can be a valuable source of this type of stimulation and interaction. Conversation, activities, outings, and more allow this care provider to keep your parent's mind active and engaged, and boost their emotional health and well-being. The care provider can also help your parent utilize social media safely so they can stay in touch with friends and family they are unable to be with regularly.

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