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Encouraging Outdoor Activities for Seniors

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

When seniors experience limited mobility, they are often set up comfortably in their home with the help of a family caregiver or home care provider. However, it also means that they don’t usually get out as often as they would like, except for doctor’s appointments and occasional visits. It’s important for family caregivers to encourage outings with adults, and the benefits are certainly worth the extra effort.

Benefits of Outside Activities for Seniors

It’s not physically or mentally healthy for an elderly person to stay inside all the time. Not only will they get bored and restless, but it’s not very fun or stimulating. Switching up the routine is often just the pick-me-up that aging adults need to boost their mood and feel connected to the community. Family caregivers and home care providers can make the effort to find interesting activities that are just right for the elderly adult’s interests and abilities.

The physical benefits of embarking on an activity outside the home is that it causes the elderly adult to work a little harder. This increased activity leads to better fitness and health, exposes them to sunlight for Vitamin D and gives them a chance to enjoy some fresh air. Home care providers can use the opportunity to get them to walk more and exert themselves in ways that they wouldn’t do at home in their easy chair. Seniors that get regular activity will feel more rejuvenated and will enjoy a more restful sleep at night.

Emotionally and mentally, outdoor activities are very important for seniors to exercise cognitive functions, socialize, and enjoy themselves. It gives them a chance to develop new relationships, explore new hobbies, revisit favorite locations and experience new and interesting things. While it may be more difficult for family caregivers or home care providers to prepare and transport the elderly person, it is well worth it for their improved quality of life.

Senior Outing Ideas

Because there is so much planning that needs to go into an outing, family caregivers and home care providers should work with the elderly person to determine what types of activities they prefer. If the aging adult finds them rewarding, interesting and fun, just about any event will do.

Some examples of local outings include youth sporting events, semi-pro or pro sporting events, museums, community theater performances, art shows and craft fairs. Other ideas include local tourist attractions, factory tours, a nearby state or national park, city festivals, local fundraising events, or even just a Sunday drive to see what’s going on in the community. Seniors may also want to spend time at a park, volunteer at an animal shelter, go birdwatching, fishing or visit the zoo. Families can get involved with a picnic or family party.

Family caregivers can plan all kinds of outings, especially when they take the time to ask their loved one what they might want to do or what they enjoyed when they were younger. Once the plans are made, the elderly adult and the home care provider can head out and enjoy the event together.

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