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Do Elderly Stroke Victims Need Daily Care?

By HIlary and Greg Eldridge

When Marilyn had a stroke at age 78, it changed the life of her and her family permanently. She no longer had the use of her right side, and her ability to speak clearly was limited. As the doctors and therapists outlined what was in store for Marilyn over the coming months and years concerning rehabilitation, it quickly became apparent that this independent senior would need some long-term, in-home care.

Her family members were determined to keep Marilyn in her home as long as possible and wanted to create a place where she could be happy and safe with all the support she needed. They found that hiring a home care provider would give Marilyn the assistance she needed with daily tasks and also help keep the home environment comfortable, safe and healthy.

When an aging loved one has suffered a stroke, family members often feel overwhelmed about how to ensure their daily needs are taken care of. Strokes affect the brain, and therefore the body, leaving many elderly adults with limited mobility and physical strength and control. The after-effects of a stroke make it almost impossible for seniors to live independently and take care of all the daily tasks they need to do. Family caregivers must look at all the options for in-home care and choose the best solution for their elderly relative.

Elder care providers are professionals who are trained to work with elderly adults with disabilities and physical and mental limitations. They are dependable, compassionate and experienced when it comes to attending to the needs of seniors. For those who have suffered a stroke, an elder care provider is especially helpful because the service allows them to stay in their own home, yet still receive professional care and assistance. Many family members hire elder care providers for their loved one after a stroke.

Elderly adults with physical limitations will need assistance to follow a healthy and safe daily routine. The elder care provider can help with getting up in the mornings, showering and getting dressed. They need to get around the house safely and enjoy healthy meals and snacks. Seniors should be encouraged to do as much as they can on their own, such as combing their hair, changing channels on the television, folding laundry or feeding a pet. This creates feelings of self-reliance and boosts self-esteem. However, the elder care provider is always around to assist with those tasks seniors face throughout the day that they cannot master.

There’s no doubt that the entire family is affected by an elderly relative’s serious stroke. However, when hiring an elder care provider to assist the aging adult, everyone can feel at ease that their loved one’s safety and health are being attended to by a professional. Together, the senior’s support system can celebrate the little triumphs and face the challenges of post-stroke life.

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