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Could Adaptive Shoes Benefit Your Parent?

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

There are many things that can affect your older relative’s feet, making them uncomfortable or causing pain. Their feet can even change so that their shoes no longer fit comfortably. When shoes aren’t comfortable, it may limit the senior’s mobility and cause them to spend more time inactive. Of course, neither of those things is good for them. Fortunately, there are adaptive shoes that are designed to fit comfortably, offering stability and support, so they can continue to live an active life.

What are Adaptive Shoes?

Whether your aging relative needs adaptive shoes depends on their specific situation. If they have trouble finding shoes that fit well in regular sizes, adaptive shoes may offer a solution. Some older adults find that, even though they don’t necessarily need adaptive shoes, they are more comfortable and offer certain benefits.

Some of the things that adaptive shoes offer are:

  • Non-Slip Soles: Non-slip soles are important because older adults are at a greater risk for falls. In fact, every 11 seconds a senior goes to the emergency room because of a fall. Wearing shoes or slippers with slip resistant soles around the house can help to prevent falls.
  • Easy Fasteners: Adaptive shoes often have fasteners that are easy for older adults to open and close, so they can put shoes and slippers on without assistance. For example, adaptive sneakers may have Velcro closures.
  • Wider Openings: Swollen feet or feet with bony protrusions may be difficult to fit into shoes through regular sized openings. Some adaptive shoes have wider openings to make it easier for the foot to slip into the shoe.
  • Extra Padding: Extra padding in the shoe makes them more comfortable, which may encourage seniors to be more physically active.

Does Your Older Relative Need Them?

In some cases, a doctor or physical therapist may suggest using adaptive shoes and may even offer ideas about which kinds of shoes to try. However, you don’t need a doctor’s recommendation for the older adult to wear adaptive shoes. If your aging relative has foot pain or finds it difficult to put on their own shoes, it can’t hurt to try a pair of adaptive shoes.

In addition to adaptive shoes, seniors who have difficulty walking on their own can benefit from home care. Sometimes the biggest problem for older adults in getting shoes on is that they have difficulty bending to put them on. A home care provider can assist them to put their shoes on and tie them. Home care providers can also walk with the older adult to prevent them from falling and give them an arm to lean on.


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