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Five Tips for Keeping Your Senior Cooking

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

Cooking is a fantastic hobby for your senior. For one, it can keep her interested in eating. But it’s also a way for her to stay mentally and physically active.

Reassess Her Pots and Pans

One of the biggest problems facing your senior as she opts to continue cooking is that her pots and pans might not help her much. If they’re too heavy or difficult for her to maneuver, that’s a problem. Look for lighter versions or pots and pans that have handles on both sides of the bowl.

Rearrange Some Things

Take a look at how your senior’s kitchen is arranged. If the items that she needs most are difficult to get to, then it’s probably more difficult than it should be for her to cook. Try rearranging some things in the kitchen until it’s optimal for her.

Use Assistive Tools

Next it’s time to examine what else is difficult for your senior in the kitchen. If turning knobs is difficult, then knob turners might be a good idea. It also might be a good idea to use timers more often, or to add timers to appliances like the stove so that burners aren’t left on by accident. There are countless different tools that can help her to solve just about any problem facing her in the kitchen.

Help Her Meal Plan

Sometimes the problem your elderly family member runs into is that she’s just not sure what to eat anymore. It can take some of the uncertainty out of things if you help her to meal plan. Try to include favorite recipes, even if you need to tweak them a little bit to make them healthier.

Get Her a “Kitchen Helper”

Something else that can help quite a lot is to get your senior a sous-chef of sorts or a kitchen helper. Elderly care providers can help your senior with the heavier end of cooking and yet keep her active in the kitchen for as long as she wants to be. You’ll also know that your senior is much safer in the kitchen.

As long as your elderly family member is still interested in cooking, that’s a great activity for her to continue doing. The key is to make sure that she’s safe and that she has everything that she needs to do exactly what she wants to do in the kitchen. You might even find that she teaches you a few new recipes here and there.

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