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What Treatment Methods Can Help Your Aging Adult Deal with Depression?

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

Depression is not a simple, black and white issue for most people, including aging adults. When it comes to formulating a treatment plan for your elderly family member, you might want to try a combination of some of these different solutions.

Talk Therapy

Talk therapy simply involves your senior sitting down with a counselor or therapist that she trusts. She can work through her emotions and deal with underlying issues that could be causing her to feel depressed. It's possible that she's experiencing a good deal of loss that she isn't sure how to cope with on her own. Losing friends, family members, and even parts of her own life and abilities can be incredibly difficult to manage.


Some types of depression, particularly if the depression is caused by chemical imbalances, may require medication in order to show definitive improvement. Antidepressants have come a long way and there's a tremendous variety of them that your senior's doctor can prescribe that can start to make a dent in the depression plaguing your aging adult.

Light Therapy

Light therapy involves using specialized lighting for a set period of time each day to alleviate depression. The type of lighting used in light therapy simulates sunlight and can help your senior's body to generate vitamin D and to begin making other chemicals that her body needs in order to balance her moods and emotions. There aren't side effects to light therapy, so many people enjoy trying it before trying medication.

Greater Social Involvement

If your senior isn't spending as much time out and about as she has in the past, she may not be as socially involved as she used to be. This can leave her feeling isolated and alone, even if that isn't entirely accurate. Having a way to see and to meet other people can help a lot more than you might think. Consider hiring senior care providers who can offer companionship as well as assistance with transportation if that's been keeping your aging adult at home more.

Depression is a serious condition that your senior can't afford to ignore. The sooner that you and she develop a plan to manage it, the better for her.

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