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5 Ways to Help Seniors with Arthritis to Sleep Better

By Hilary and Greg Eldridge

Arthritis pain can make it hard for older adults to sleep at night. They may have difficulty getting comfortable because of aching joints. The pain may also wake them during the night. The lack of sleep caused by arthritis pain is a vicious circle because the worse people sleep, the more pain they may feel. While you may not be able to take away all their pain, there are ways you can help your aging relative with arthritis to sleep better at night, including the 5 listed below.

#1: Manage Arthritis Pain

This seems like an obvious tip, but many people don’t take the necessary steps to keep pain under control. If the senior has been prescribed medication for arthritis, it’s important that they take it according to the doctor’s directions. If they are taking it as prescribed and still have pain when they go to bed at night, talk to the doctor about how the timing of medications may reduce pain at night.

Elderly care providers can help seniors to stick to their medication schedule by reminding them when it is time to take their medicine. They can also help to track the senior’s symptoms, which can be useful in determining if the treatment plan is working.

#2: Get Some Exercise

It may seem like exercise would make joint pain worse, but just the opposite is true. Physical activity strengthens the muscles that support joints, which can reduce pain. Choose activities that are easy on the joints, such as walking or swimming. Exercise can also help older adults to feel more tired at bedtime.

Elderly care providers can increase the physical activity of your aging relative by keeping them more active during the day. Elderly care providers can go for walks with them, drive them to the swimming pool, or simply keep them busier around the house.

#3: Use the Right Mattress and Pillows

The mattress your aging relative sleeps on can make a difference. Experts recommend using medium-firm mattress if the senior experiences pain in their back. To reduce knee pain, try placing a pillow under or beneath the older adult’s knees, which can reduce pressure on the joints. To keep the spine aligned and prevent neck pain, put a small pillow under the senior’s neck.

Elderly care providers can help older adults to get comfortable in bed at night. Elderly care providers can assist with pillow placement. Elderly care providers can also make sure the room temperature is comfortable, blinds are closed, and the room is free of distractions that can inhibit sleep.



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