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Protecting Your Own Health with Home Care for Your Parent

By HIlary and Greg Eldridge

Being a family caregiver means your parent's health is an important priority in your daily life. It is vital, however, to remember your own health and the risks you may face while caring for your senior. Taking the steps to protect your health while caring for your senior helps you to preserve your own well-being and also protect your senior. There are many ways you can do this, but one of the most effective is with home care.

Some of the ways you can protect your health with home care while you are caring for your senior include:

  • Home care allows you to take more time in your schedule, easing your stress and reducing the chances of you getting exhausted and burned out by stretching yourself too thin
  • If someone else in your life is sick, pushing yourself too hard makes you more likely to contract this illness or infection. Care allows you to take a step back, help the ill person, and take care of your own health
  • Seniors are more susceptible to illness and infection than younger people. This means if you care for your parent after exposure to germs, they may contract them, later passing them back to you
  • Emotional health and well-being are important elements of overall health. Home care enables you to reduce stress and pressure, focus on your own well-being, and preserve both elements of your health
  • If you start to get sick, taking time out and getting the rest you need is important to resisting a worse infection or illness. Home care ensures your parent is still getting all the care they need while you can take a break and take care of yourself. This shortens your illness and helps you get stronger, faster

There are times in your caregiver journey when you may not be able to fulfill your care responsibilities. You may get sick, you may be caring for a sick child, or you may have other responsibilities that take you away from your care schedule. You may even find yourself in need of a break and some time away from your care efforts and usual daily routine. When this happens, respite home care may be the ideal solution. A respite home care services provider can step in to provide dedicated care designed to follow their schedule as much as possible, keeping them safe and healthy while you focus on your other obligations or health.

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