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Caregiver Profile: Tim Fiedler Has the Heart and Soul of a Caregiver

Last week I mentioned that I’d be sharing profiles of our Exceptional Caregiver Award regional finalists. I’d like to start with our Western Region finalist, Timothy Fiedler. Tim works for Rick Cseak at Home Helpers of Denver and Castle Rock in Colorado.

“Tim is a true example of how the younger generation has star power,” said Rick. “Tim truly exemplifies the heart and soul of a Home Helpers Caregiver and we are proud to have him on our team here in Denver.”

A strapping young man at 6’3” and just 24 years old, Tim makes quite an impression. I’m told that this photo of Tim truly represents what he is all about—smiling, open and big-hearted. Although Tim has worked with other clients, right now he spends more than 40 hours per week with “Ed,” and it’s this work that provides the best example of what makes Tim special.

Tim (center with balloons) with Rick Cseak and fellow co-workers celebrating his status as an Exceptional Caregiver Award finalist.

Ed suffers from dementia and schizophrenia—and since Tim has started working with him, Ed has also suffered a stroke. Tim went to rehab with Ed and participated in sessions where they would “play soccer” and “catch.” Tim and Ed have also had many other experiences together, such as carving a Halloween pumpkin (Ed’s first!), making tie-dyed shirts and going to church. Tim even threw a birthday party for Ed.

What really got me, though, was this anecdote from Rick Cseak, who happily employs Tim and has big plans for his future.

“Tim shared with me one day that his goal each day with Ed is for Ed to have a great day, every day, even when he forgets yesterday,” said Rick. “Then he told me that he will stay with Ed as his Caregiver until Ed passes on to the next stage of his journey. What an amazing young man!”

Empathy. Respect. Consideration. Loyalty. Patience. These are just some of the qualities that Tim possesses. He’s also an intelligent young man, having moved to Colorado after graduating from the University of Iowa. To begin his professional career wanting to help others as a Caregiver is just further testament to the kind of person Tim is. There’s a word for that—Exceptional.

Congratulations on being a finalist, Tim, and thank you for representing Home Helpers!