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Agnes Freeman Honored as Caregiver of the Year 2014

A hardworking 62-year-old immigrant from Ghana and a mother and grandmother, Agnes Freeman has worked with Home Helpers of Reston, Virginia for years as a trusted caregiver. She was recognized as Caregiver of the First Quarter 2014 for her extraordinary efforts with a client of three years, whom she saw through “all stages of care,” according to David Silverman, who owns the Reston franchise with his wife, Marci.

At our 2015 National Conference in Orlando, I was honored to present another award to Agnes: Caregiver of the Year for 2014.

“Agnes really became a part of their family”

Image of Agnes Freeman caregiver of the year 2014

Agnes’s story is simple, yet poignant. She dedicated herself to one client whom she began with as a companion caregiver, and then saw through deteriorating health. Agnes was there for all the changes.

This client’s family, like so many others, was forced to make tough choices. Luckily, they had Agnes to turn to.

When the time came, Agnes helped coordinate hospice care. Communicating with family members throughout this journey—including three sons, their wives and children—became one of her most important roles.

Agnes was there when the client passed away. In a beautiful testament to how the family regarded her care for their mom, one of the sons wrote a whole part of the eulogy about Agnes.

“Agnes really became a part of their family,” David Silverman said. “There is no doubt in my mind that when clients’ families cannot be there, having these caregivers present extends their lives—and the quality of life.”

I’m incredibly proud of how Agnes was able to help not only the client, but the family members who were counting on her. This is just one example of how we are able to help families across the country each and every day.

In addition to Agnes’s compassionate caregiving, her upbeat personality makes her a valued employee at Home Helpers.

David elaborated: “When music comes on, she dances.”

Coming to the United States has provided Agnes with many opportunities, and David tells me her children are now grown and have gone on to do “tremendous things.” For example, one of them has earned an MBA at the London School of Economics.

Caregiver of the Year

I was honored to present the Caregiver of the Year award to David on behalf of Agnes. After an internal vote at Home Helpers, Agnes was chosen for this award for meeting her client’s and the family’s challenges with grace and skill.

Agnes exhibits the compassion and dedication our caregivers strive for. She is a smart and caring employee who puts her clients’ needs first, and she is well deserving of this award.

Congratulations to our national Caregiver of the Year, Agnes Freeman!


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